Screens and Life I

[Ad from the DuMont Corporation, 1944, reprinted in Ticchi, p. 15]

You’ll be an armchair Columbus! You’ll sail with television through vanishing horizons into exciting new worlds. You’ll be an intimate of the great and near-great. You’ll sit at speakers’ tables at historic function, down front at every sporting event, at all top-flight entertainment. News flashes will bring you eye-coverage of parades, fires and floods; of everything odd, unusual and wonderful, just as though you were on the spot. And far-sighted industry will show you previews of new products, new delights ahead.

All this—the world actually served to you on a silver screen—will be most enjoyably yours when you possess a DuMont Television-Radio Receiver. It was DuMont who gave really clear picture reception to television. It will be DuMont to whom you will turn in peacetime for the finest television receiving sets and the truest television reception . . . the touchstone that will make you an armchair Columbus on ten-thousand-and-one thrilling voyages of discovery. P. 15

From Cecelia Ticchi, Electronic Hearth: Creating an American Television Culture. New York: Oxford University Press, 1991.

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